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Sunday, February 25, 2018

How to avoid downtime and disruption when moving data

Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017 is here, and hopefully it will present a fresh opportunity to review some of the cloud’s limitations in this area.

A radical innovation that could reduce data density by 50%

The traditional approaches to data storage reduction aren’t creating the necessary density savings that will be required in the future, some scientists say. We’re creating a lot of ones and zeros these days, and we will be generating many more.

Mind-reading computer moves closer to reality

Computer scientists are developing a mind-reading computer that deciphers symbols that people have looked at.

Enterprises can put Oracle's entire public cloud in the data center

While Amazon is raking in the lion's share of money spent by public-cloud users, Oracle is doubling down on its hybrid-cloud strategy, appealing to enterprises that want to put data and applications behind their firewall while taking advantage of cloud pricing models and technology.

Big buyouts hit the enterprise market, BMC and Bain eye companies

The leveraged buyout of Dell that resulted in its merger with EMC and the computer giant going private was the first of what appears to be many similar moves. Private equity firms are looking to gobble up some of the enterprise giants and in the process, take them private.

Searching for ground truth in IoT

I’ve been reading and writing daily about the Internet of Things (IoT) for about a month, and I have not found ground truth. I’m not new to the field, but now focused on IoT I am trying to find a relative measure of the importance of IoT developments.

Choosing Windows for your organization should get you fired

In the wake of yet another ransomware attack—this time named NotPetya—I have a special message specifically for those of you working in organizations that continue to run Microsoft Windows as the operating system on either your servers or your desktops:

Cloud-native architectures will be the default soon

Cloud-native architectures will become the default option for customer-facing applications by 2020, according to a new study from IT consultancy Capgemini, Cloud Native Comes of Age. However, that move is predicated on whether the business leaders will allow it.

Real world challenges between us and the Internet of Things

Many a blog line has been penned on the rich topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) but not much has been written about the real world challenges between our today and the many promises of the IoT tomorrow. Technology considerations can easily blind us “techies” to more mundane realities but, when you work as deeply in the Smart City space as I do, it is difficult to avoid them. In my opinion, the technology challenges surrounding the IoT are relatively small compared to the real world challenges that are perhaps not so obvious.

Bank battle for innovation and market share needs huge live data crunching

When there isn’t much else to choose between brands, customer service becomes an important differentiation, and in financial services the situation has become acute. As regulators continue to make it easier for customers to switch providers, financial institutions must spend as much time keeping existing account holders happy as they do wooing new ones. Issuing apps and making it easier for customers to bank and source products online is a good start, but account holders will soon notice and defect if such moves are really a thinly disguised attempt to reduce costs and close branches.

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Quintech Exec on Where Software-Defined Radios Fit in Satellite

A soldier uses a Harris manpack radio. Photo: Harris.Quintech Electronics & Communications recently announced that a government contractor will use its Nexus-4 16 port mesh test matrix switch to expedite development of its Software-Defined Radio (SDR) systems. In an interview with Via Satellite, David Chan, Quintech’s vice president of sales and marketing, explained why SDR is critical to the satellite systems of today and the future, and how Quintech plans to position itself as the technology grows in use and capability.

Boeing Reports Strong Earnings in the Second Quarter

Logo atop Boeing headquarters. Photo: Boeing.Boeing reported a pop in earnings and operating cash flow in the second quarter of this year, driven by improved operating performance, according to the company. Revenue for the its network and space systems division came in at $1.7 billion, with operating margin increasing to 9.1 percent. Backlog for the full defense, space and security division was $58 billion, of which 37 percent represents orders from international customers.

Norwegian Microsatellite Deploys Antenna for VHF Data Exchange

Rendition of Norsat-1. Photo: ESA.The Norwegian Space Center has announced successful deployment of critical antennas and probes on the NORsat 1 and NORsat 2 microsatellites built by Canada’s Space Flight Laboratory (SFL), which launched on July 14 from Kazakhstan. Most notable was deployment of a large Yagi antenna from NORsat 2 that will provide first-of-its-kind Very High Frequency (VHF) Data Exchange (VDE) from space, according to the Norwegian Space Center.